Parish Presbytery


Fr. Charles Attard (Parish Priest), Fr. Paul Galea, Fr. Adrian Caruana Colombo. 


Parish Councils and Commissions

Parish Pastoral Council

The  council  is made up of representatives of every association, group, or movement in the parish to study and plan together all pastoral work. 


Economical Parish Council

The council meets regularly to discuss the parish financial projects. Records of accounts are kept and copies of all income and expenditure are forwarded to the Curia.


Liturgic Commission

The Commission sees that all celebrations taking place in the Church or Parish are held in the best possible way aiming to attain a fruitful result. The commission coordinates participants of liturgical ceremonies during the year and also on special feast days.

  Altar Boys   |   Cleaners  | Animators and Readers  |  Choirs  |  Holy Communion Extraordinary Ministers | Flower Arrangements |  Sagristana | Catechism


Diaconia Commission

The  Commission organizes activities for the elderly, widows/widowers people with special needs as well as provide support for families in need.

 Holy Communion to the sick and elderly  |  Outings for the Elderly  |  Disabled Persons | Distribution of EU food


Family Commission

The Commission is responsible for all work related to the family. The aim is to see that all individuals that form part of a family are reached through pastoral work.

 Grufan  |  Kana courses  |  Mother and child  |  Widows and widowers


Other formation groups

These are other groups which help parishioners in their spiritual formation. It includes several groups all with the same goal, to make God's love reach each and every person within the community.

 Charismatics  |  Fokolarini   |  Mother's prayer  | SAY   |   Stars of the Sacred Heart


Other Works

Here one can find several groups which although do not fall under any particular commission are considered as important as any other commission.

 Contact Persons  |  Fund raising  |  Office work  |  Maintenance  |  Media




Religious People within the Parish


Franciscan Nuns of the Heart of Jesus

The nuns in our parish cater for the education of children in kindergarten. They organise and host meetings of Sacred Heart Stars every first Friday of the month. The nuns also participate in the activities organised by the parish.


Pope Francis 1

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglia has taken the name of Pope Francisco. According to The Catholic News, Bergoglia was born on December 17, 1936 in Buenes Aires, Argentina. He studied at the Theological Faculty of San Miguel, where he received his licentiate in philosophy. He was ordained for the Jesuits on December 13, 1960, speaks Spanish, Italian and German.

Parish Presbytery